Terms of Use

Please respect the following terms of use for all knitting patterns provided by Delicious Knits.


  • Knitting patterns, either free or purchased are for personal, individual use only.  Patterns, in whole or in part, should not be copied and distributed to anyone other than the original person who either downloaded or bought the pattern.



  • Free knitting patterns must be downloaded directly from www.deliciousknits.com or www.ravelry.com.  Instead of distributing either electronic or hard copies of free knitting patterns, please refer interested knitters to this web site so that they may download a copy for their own personal, individual use.


  • All images used in this web site are the property of the designer, unless indicated otherwise.  Please do not use or reproduce these images without permission from the designer.


  • Knitting patterns cannot be used or distributed in a class, club, or retail setting without permission from the designer.  Please contact the designer with any questions.


  • Each person who purchases a knitting pattern is entitled to produce a maximum of 5 knit items per pattern, per year for sale.  Knitting patterns, including free patterns, are not for general commercial use.


Thank you for your support.  I sincerely appreciate all of the respectful and responsible knitters who have helped make Delicious Knits possible.