• Mini Monkey Sweater

    This adorable yet sophisticated sweater will keep your cute little monkey warm in the cold winter. The sweater is knit in the round from the bottom to the top. Stitches are sipped on to a stitch holder to create holes for each arm, similar to thumbs on a mitten. The arms are knit from these slipped stitches after the main body is complete, which means there is no seaming necessary. A bonus project, a toque to keep your little monkey’s head warm, is included in the pattern.


  • Pug Tea Cosy

    Dress up your teapot with an adorable pug tea cosy! No one will be able to resist sharing a cup of tea with this cutie. The tea cosy is a quick knit in two main pieces, front & back, which are then seamed along the sides, leaving gaps for the teapot handle and spout. The ears are knit separately in contrasting yarn, so that they can be positioned, along with the button eyes & tail, to your liking to give your pug a unique character. Five pompoms are used to create the finishing touch – four paws & a black snout. The best part is that this pug will loyally sit and keep your tea warm for hours.