• Blackberry Cabled Cardigan

    This captivating cardigan features bold, sinuous cables placed symmetrically on the front, back, and sleeves. The cable is combined with a berry stitch to add depth and create an interesting, contrasting texture. The vertical lines and streamlined fit in this hip-length cardigan flatters many different body types, while the deep shawl collar and curved front edge creates an hourglass shape. With a sweater so interesting to knit and attractive to wear, you may decide to make more than one!


  • Classic Oak Cardigan

    Looking for a classic men’s cabled cardigan that will be a favourite for many years to come? Look no further than the Classic Oak Cardigan! The harmonious blend of three different stitch patterns is interesting to knit and very pleasing to the eye. The large cable, flanked on each side by a smaller cable, is placed symmetrically on either side of the front and back, and is repeated down the sleeve. Honeycomb stitch fills in the area in between the cables with an interesting texture, which when knit in brown tweed, is reminiscent of the bark on a mature oak tree.


  • Whole Wheat Cardigan

    This form-fitting cardigan, with its charming combination of lace and cables, is sure become a staple in your wardrobe. The lace and cable pattern is interesting to knit without being tedious, and is easily committed to memory for a speedy knit. To reduce seaming, the cardigan features a knit-in button band.  Just like its namesake, the whole wheat cardigan can be combined with a wide variety of items, always with delicious results. You’ll be the toast of the town!



  • Celtic Cathedral Cardigan

    Although this stylish cardigan was inspired by Celtic knots and the columns & arches of a Gothic Cathedral, the cropped sleeve and single-button closure gives it a very modern look. The vertical columns create a flattering nipped-in look to the waistline, while the plaited cables pattern creates texture and interest around the bust and shoulders. The slightly flared bell edging completes the look and gives the cardigan a bit of embellishment. The ribbed band along each front is achieved by picking up sts, while the cabled collar edge is knit separately and then sewn on.